BulMerx Ltd.

BulMerx Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of “Moskov & Son“ for Germany. Together we are dedicated to enhancing your corporate identity by providing you with personalised hotel toiletries and amenities of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Your renowned brand and your guests’ well-being has always been the center of our attention. Our sole purpose is to create customised hotel amenities, tailored to your special needs and desires, adding the final touch to the unique ambiance of your hotel.

We will create your personalised line of hotel cosmetics meeting all of your requirements down to the last detail. After all, it is the small things that make the big difference.
You can pick the ingredients, colors, fragrances and packaging from our vast range of options. We, on the other side, will assist you throughout the way of creating the perfect design solution that outlines your hotel’s individuality and style.

Due to using only high-quality ingredients, performing in-house research & development and working in compliance with all international cosmetic standards guidelines we have a developed a formula for our cosmetics that helps your guests free their mind and body of everyday’s stress.

Having our own production facility enables us to perform strict Quality Control and thus provide exceptional products and services to you, our clients. Our Lean Production Management and optimised processes give us the opportunity to deliver your personalised hotel toiletries in a 5 to 6 week time period at the best prices on the market.

In addition to those indulgent aspects, we have put together a list of accessories to complete the harmony in your hotel’s bathroom and make your guests feel flattered by the temptations offered to them. For instance, there is hardly any guest who will not appreciate a set of high-end spa slippers, a luxurious bathrobe, and towel, personalised with your logo. Of course, we offer you a wide range of complimentary hotel bathroom products such as bath salts, shower caps, vanity sets, shaving and dental kits, tissues and other small items to make your guests feel special.